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Coworking space for startups with a future

For whom is Musterid?

Musterid (e. The Temple) is for startup companies who have already taken their first steps on the path towards success but still want to enjoy the benefits of working in proximity with other startups.

At Musterid each company gets their own personal office but everyone has access to a shared lounge with a small kitchen, tv, couches, pool table and more.


Late 2014 Reon was forced to move from their previous location at Lækjargata in Reykjavík.

By chance, in a meeting with KPMG, the matter of office space came up and it turned out KPMG had some extra space in their office building in Borgartún 27. KPMG has throughout the years been supporting startup companies in Iceland by offering consultancy and accounting at a reduced rate. So the idea was born to use this extra space in their office building to establish a co-working space for startups.

After a short period of construction and splitting the space into multiple offices Musterid was finally ready for it's first occupants. Two weeks later every space had been rented out.

In October 2018 Musterið expanded more start-up companies moved in. It wasn’t long before Musterið was full yet again.

Musterið was the officially reopened in May 2019.

The facilities

Top of the line housing

Professional workspace.

Closed offices

Each company gets its own closed office with.


Access to a fantastic cafeteria wich serves launch on the 8th floor with a great view of the ocean.


High speed internet for maximum performance.


Cleaning services are provided every day.


The reception on the 1st floor welcomes guests and handles mail.


In the basement we have a locker room with showers for those who bike or like to go out for a run during the day.

Meeting rooms

Both small and large meeting rooms are available for tenants.


At the bar you can get sodas, drinks and beer.

Coffee on demand

Great coffee machines make coffee all day, also a refrigirator and ovens.


Everyone needs a break, wether it's playing pool, watching TV or video games.

Driving work environment

Being around other entrepreneurs leads to a fantastic work environment.

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